Job Guarantee Policy

What is Coursry Job Guarantee Program?

Coursry has designed a comprehensive program to help learners start or advance their career. Learners who complete this program will get guaranteed offer in respected domain. The curriculum and subsequent assessments in this program have been designed by global industrial experts. The job roles after completion of this course are according to selective domains.

2. What are the eligibility requirements to apply for this program?

To be eligible for this program, you should meet following criteria –

3. How to enroll for Coursry Job Guarantee Program?

4. Why is there an assessment test to enroll for this program?

We conduct assessment test to ensure that you are fit for the program and eligible for job guarantee boot camp. The assessment test contains questions related to numerology, reasoning, aptitude & basic tech skills.

5. What support will I get for my job search?

We assure you a career start or new job in selected domain with minimum salary of 4.5 LPA. Some of the typical support that you will receive –

6. What is expected from a candidate during the Job Guarantee Period?

7. What if I do not receive any offers after course completion?

As stated above this is a guaranteed job program. Hence if you do not receive any offers you are eligible for course fee refund (excluding taxes).The refunds upon approval by Coursry, will be processed within 45 working days to original payment method.

8. What if I am referred to a company which I don’t prefer to join?

We are committed to provide you top companies who are looking for great talent. However, if you turn down the interviews or job offers, then as per agreement, you will not be eligible for refund.

9. When do I need to make a payment for this program?

Once you qualify the assessment test, you are invited to join the program.

You need to make a full payment at the time of enrolling the course.

10. What are the scenarios in which Job Guarantee Program clause becomes void?

The clause becomes void in following scenarios –