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Description :

Gaming Industry has been growing at an exponential rate from the last two decades. It stretched its borders and increased its footprint to anextent that today; Global Gaming Industry became a stern competitor to the Hollywood Motion Picture. It is an entertainment Industry guided by the impeccable programming.
Anything you see, feel, control or conquer within your favorite game is a well-written program using software such as game development in C++. The enigma of this game programming is the myriad of ways the game engine responds to the user. Not all the notions are conceived and developed by the programmers but they behave in a variety of ways which were neither conceived nor programmed by these Professionals. Whereas DirectX is widely known as the Industry leading Graphics API used to develop graphics-rich applications and games in Windows.
Though there is an ocean of programming languages through which you can develop a game, game development in C++ and DirectX are the best combination and Industry standard. A majority of the popular games that occupy the gaming market are largely dominated by Game Development in C++ and DirectX combination. So, in any given condition, if you are looking to enter the gaming Industry as a professional game programmer you must master this two software.

This Game Development course will help you start your game development career and guides you to create games from level zero using game development in C++ and DirectX. The course is intended and helpful for beginners, Intermediate, and game development advanced level learners.

Skills :

Introduction and Getting Started
What DirectX Can Do and Creating the Main Game Loop
Creating, Texturing, and Moving Objects
State Management
Capturing User Input
Physics and Collision Detection
Adding AI and Other Extras to the Game

Job Profile :

Game Developer
Game Designer
Associate Designer

Exam Details :

No of Questions – 40-60.
Question Types – MCQ & One Liners.
Time – 90 Minutes.
Passing Score – 700.

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As the course is designed for foundation level, hence nothing required.

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