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Enrich your career with unique 2 – Months Digital Marketing Course by Coursry along with placement guarantee.

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Introduction to Digital Marketing Begin with the basic digital marketing lesson and learn about different platforms and practices used for digital marketing. Get to know about the changing trends and insights on customer expectations from digital strategies. This lesson shall put at ease common doubts about digital marketing.

Niche marketing is a highly targeted form of advertisement. With niche marketing, businesses promote their products and services to a small, specific and well-defined audience. Many organizations adopt this strategy to support an underserved population and reap the rewards of brand loyalty.

Review a step-by-step guide on how to write an effective blog post for your target audience and customers.

This is an in-depth guide to attracting website traffic from diverse sources outside and the inside of search engines like Google.

Nothing can beat well planned optimized search engine strategies. Learn about how to create content in a way which is more search engine friendly. Knowledge about web crawlers, ways to generate website traffic and common mistakes to avoid while creating online content shall be taught in this lesson.

On-page SEO refers to the process of optimizing pages on your site to improve rankings and user experience.

Off-page SEO involves all actions you take to impact your search engine ranking that fall outside of your website.

Analyze your site's impressions, clicks, and position on Various Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Being etc.

In this lesion you will learn how google will helps you to improve your ranking and understand to help traffic source of your website.

Learn everything about how to create targeted advertisements. Knowledge about keyword research shall also aid you in creating your website, blogs and as well as activities on other platforms. This lesson shall literally let you converse with your potential customers in their own language.

Become confident in communicating with your audience by the written word. Learn how to create and maintain a successful blog to share with your audience. Implementing keyword basics, basic elements of designing of the blog are also a part of this lesson.

“Going social” isn’t simply about being active on Facebook and Twitter. Learn the Social Success Cycle and how you can use it to attract your fans and followers, engage them, and even sell to them. There are various Topics Like What is Social Media Optimization? What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)? Search Engine Optimization vs Social Media Optimization List of social media Importance of social media How Social Media Affects SEO? How to promote business through SMO What is Viral Marketing Social media success tracking tools? What type of social media content converts best? What is the responsibility of a social media manager? Top social media marketing tools to consider? Some common social media mistakes

Facebook Insights Facebook Algorithms Ad Practices for Ad Content Facebook Targeting Options Retargeting or Facebook Exchange Facebook Page Management

Creating a Business Page Marketing Tools and Ads Influencer Marketing on Instagram Strategy How to Drive Engagement Switching Accounts Lead Generation through Instagram

Introduction of Tiktok Ads Tiktok Campaigns How to Create Ads Remarketing in Tiktok

Understanding About Trends Searching Trends Creating Content Go Viral Omni Channel Approach

YouTube Channel Creation Video Creation, Uploading and Optimization Video Content and story line ups Channel Monetization How to earn like a Boss Case Study

What is AdWords? Ads Placement How to get approval for AdWords? How to get Ads on your Blog/YouTube Content and traffic strategy Guidelines and requirements

Forget any rumors to the contrary. Email is alive and well—and if you know how to use it, it will help you exponentially grow your business. Learn the role of email in a growing business and how you can use it to quickly move prospects and customers through the Customer Value Journey. Understanding & Benefits of Email Marketing How to write Effective content and subject line? Why Email automation is required? Designing an effective Email campaign Tracking Email Marketing Reports Email Guidelines

Develop ways to handle negative comments and to address customer queries effectively in this lesson. A successfully driven communication often results in procuring newer leads. Get an understanding about internet ethics and direct your strategies in the right course How to Make Money Online. In This Topic we will teach you how to make money online using all the tips and tricks and know about various ways to earn money online like Affiliate Marketing, Brand Promotion, Adsense, Ecommerce etc. Other Tips and Tricks & Final Doubt Session We will aware you about all the Tips & Tricks we use and Tools that will help you in your Digital Marketing Journey This session will be a doubt session as well in this class you need to ask every doubt that you will face in Digital Marketing Course. It will help you to increase your digital knowledge.

Real industrial project to showcase your skills in above learned parameters.


The Digital Marketing Master’s Program is a comprehensive two-month program that has been designed in consultation with global experts for learners who want to advance an existing career or kick start a new endeavor in the Digital Marketing. In the Digital Marketing Program you will: Learn 30+ in-demand tools, skills, and processes you need to become a Digital Marketing Executive. Land a job within 180 days of completing the program, or get your money back. Build an impressive portfolio out of the real-world projects you complete. Experiential learning via real-life, industry-aligned capstone projects.

There is a booming demand for Digital Marketing associate/executive. Large companies and small businesses alike are all looking for ways to get the most from their employees.

Yes due to increase demand globally, the program is completely online with 24/7 mentorship support.

The job profile matching after completion is Digital Marketing associate/executive, Digital Marketing Specialist, Email Marketing Executive, SEO Executive, Social Media Marketing Executive, and others.

As per global reports the average salary is 4 – 7 LPA.

The application consists of four simple steps – Apply for course. Wait for profile review. Connect with our councilor after successful evaluation. Enroll now in program by paying your application fee.

Learners can pay through three modes – Through Credit Cards/ Debit Card EMI’s. Through Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Option. Through Debit Cards/ Net banking and others.

For complete detailed solution, please visit our website “Job Guarantee – Terms & Conditions”.

Yes, upon successful completion of you’ll be awarded a globally recognized certification from Coursry.

Contact us using our “contact us” section or connect with our councilor.

You can have access to recorded session of classes in your student portal.


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